The Critique Chorus

When I was a kid and I had to decide between doing the right thing and something I wanted to do, I would hear my mother’s voice or my priest’s sermons. This didn’t always change my actions but their words did make it clear to me that there would be consequences. Oh boy, would there be consequences. Continue reading “The Critique Chorus”

Declutter Your World

Does your writing work area look like the picture on the right or the left? I’m certainly on the right, and it goes on under the desk, in the hutch on the back of the desk, on to the floor, over the dog, out to the kitchen, the bedroom, and the yard. I can’t do it all. But getting rid of clutter is a great place to start, especially for writers who aren’t pulling in $52K a year yet. I just pulled that number out of the pile of bills marked Urgent. Ha! It’s past due. Might as well throw it away. (Just kidding) Continue reading “Declutter Your World”

Ergonomics Part 1.5

Hold the phone! If that hurts, get a headset. But what I really mean is, look at this chair! The Backstrong C1 by All33, a design company that you can learn all about at the link above. Now I expected this thing to go for a couple thousand, but $800 and $700 depending on the materials you choose is the price. Dude! Continue reading “Ergonomics Part 1.5”

The Clouds Are Parting for RWA

Most writers are aware that Romance Writers of America tripped over their own diversity goals in December and got a serious rug burn. That burn showed the board the error of their ways and allowed them to straighten the goals a bit and crank back the actions they took against a perfectly wonderful author. Read all about it if you are not up to date. Continue reading “The Clouds Are Parting for RWA”

Random Writer Thoughts

Writing is in my blood and my heart, right next to loving parrots and finches and wanting to be Susie Homemaker. And gardening. And my dog. I’ve always had issues with focus, in my work life and my social life. I still belong to too many groups and of course, I volunteer too much. Will I ever get my book published? Continue reading “Random Writer Thoughts”

Writers Need Craft Books

If you have a photographic or audio graphic memory, you might be able to take a class on the craft of good writing and never forget any of the information. You might read all the books available and not miss a single suggestion or worksheet. The rest of us need craft books to remind us of what we read. What we learned. And how to use that knowledge. Continue reading “Writers Need Craft Books”