In the Swim

I take one Sunday every month to discuss health topic for writers. I thought I had found the best possible diet when I stopped eating beef and pork. It did work for a while, but I still need to get a handle on carbs. I thought I was keeping myself in good shape by walking every day. Sure, it helps, but it’s not gonna let me drop the pounds I need to shed. Continue reading “In the Swim”


The Luck of the I Wish

If you are reading this on August 19, that means I didn’t get my RWA notes written up in a discernible format in time to post them today. Instead, something that has been on my mind a lot is this tirade on Luck. Continue reading “The Luck of the I Wish”

Is There Life After Loss of a Pet?

Today is two weeks since my husband and I said a final farewell to Tilda, the best dog we could have wished for. Her ashes came back with a beautiful paw print in ceramic and a card that comforts and celebrates her life. The crying isn’t over yet, but I found a few things that are lovingly supportive of the process. Losing a dog or a cat or any pet can be more traumatic than losing a relative. I believe only losing a child can be more devastating and there is much less community empathy for pet loss. Continue reading “Is There Life After Loss of a Pet?”

Word of the Month — Relativity

A painful loss can disrupt your whole life, make routine meaningless, and rob you of the strength to do simple tasks. Yet it’s a relative experience. As time takes you away from the event, you might become better at experiencing whole hours without tears or anger. So this month, the word is relativity. Continue reading “Word of the Month — Relativity”

Networking Net Worth

How do you find out what is going on in the world of writers and agents and publishers? You can’t rely on Google much anymore to retrieve the best and latest information. You can subscribe to Publishers Weekly and similar trade publications, you can join Romance Writers of America and get the monthly magazine, and you can participate in National Novel Writing Month events in April, July, and November. Or you can find people to connect with. Continue reading “Networking Net Worth”