Itis is the first medical term I learned the meaning of. Simply, it’s a suffix to indicate the previously mentioned item is inflamed. Medical terms come from either Greek or Latin and in this case, it’s Greek. The reason I had my tonsils removed when I was two years old is that I had frequent bouts of tonsillitis. Continue reading “Writer-Itis”



Overnight, the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia, became synonymous with Nazi hate vs Liberal agendas. In order to get a complete idea of how that happened, one needs to know the history of the place. And for the record, nothing justifies the kind of violence we are seeing everyday in this country, and especially in this particular event. Continue reading “Charlottesville”

Moving Violations

One time in an author interview, because I happen to write sexy stuff, I was asked about the strangest place that I have ever had sex in. I’m pretty normal in all that and I answered that having camped at a local war put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism, we did it in a tent. What make it strange was that we could hear people walking by right outside, and I couldn’t stop giggling. Continue reading “Moving Violations”

The Practice of Funerals

I was raised a Catholic and attended many funerals in the years my mother volunteered with the Altar and Rosary Society. The first one I remember was held for a schoolmate who had cystic fibrosis. She died very young and our entire class attended the funeral. My mother had a photo in her memory books taken at the funeral of a young cousin. The actual deceased in her coffin was the subject of the picture. Apparently, this was a common occurrence in the 1920s. Continue reading “The Practice of Funerals”