Who’s Your Poodle?

I have a dog, a bunch of birds, and a couple feral cats. I walk with another dog owner. I meet with bird lovers every month. My Goddaughter has a sweet cat. I check out cat pictures on the internet. And I have friends who have horses, goats, aquarium fish, tortoises, snakes, and lizards. I know very few people who do not have pets of some kind. So if all my characters do not have pets, they seem less human, somehow. I mean, how many times have you seen something mentioned in the last two years about the only president to not have a dog? Continue reading “Who’s Your Poodle?”


My Writing Day

So many writers in the world have a lot going against them, yet they continue to write and to put out novels that entertain while making us think. I’m never going to write a book that requires deep thought since I don’t live in a war-torn country or suffer from disabilities or work a full-time job or even have small children to care for. I was a coward and gave up writing when my kids were younger. IT seemed the thing to do at the time. Continue reading “My Writing Day”

Is There Life After Loss of a Pet?

Today is two weeks since my husband and I said a final farewell to Tilda, the best dog we could have wished for. Her ashes came back with a beautiful paw print in ceramic and a card that comforts and celebrates her life. The crying isn’t over yet, but I found a few things that are lovingly supportive of the process. Losing a dog or a cat or any pet can be more traumatic than losing a relative. I believe only losing a child can be more devastating and there is much less community empathy for pet loss. Continue reading “Is There Life After Loss of a Pet?”

Word of the Month — Relativity

A painful loss can disrupt your whole life, make routine meaningless, and rob you of the strength to do simple tasks. Yet it’s a relative experience. As time takes you away from the event, you might become better at experiencing whole hours without tears or anger. So this month, the word is relativity. Continue reading “Word of the Month — Relativity”