Thoughts About Being Fat

The first thing I want to do is encourage you, if you grew up fat like me, especially if you are a woman, to go buy Kristin Higgins’ book, Good Luck with That. This is the story of 3 young women who met at a summer camp for fatties and stayed in touch through the years. This book will make you cry, laugh, remember the pain of the past, and be glad you are past that now. If you are not, you should seriously get some counseling. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being Fat”

Irish Eyes Were Not Always Smiling

Let’s get this part over with. Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. St. Pat’s Day is a Holy Day in Ireland. Only in America do people drink green beer and wear Kiss Me, I’m Irish! shirts. Americans made St. Paddy’s Day the drunken orgy it has become. That’s not what this post is about it. And yes, I am Irish. So this means a lot to me. Continue reading “Irish Eyes Were Not Always Smiling”

Stay Uncluttered

Let’s assume, unlike me, that you have finished uncluttering your house and yard and garage. The next task is to keep it that way. If you are a hoarder, this will have been a monumental task and keeping it clean will also be huge. If you are a normal, busy person with too many activities going on, you may need to call on some outside help. But if you don’t have that kind of friends or family, then here are some tips to go it alone (Note: these tips will not work for hoarders. Get some professional help and get the dead animals out of the freezer). Continue reading “Stay Uncluttered”

Declutter Your World

Does your writing work area look like the picture on the right or the left? I’m certainly on the right, and it goes on under the desk, in the hutch on the back of the desk, on to the floor, over the dog, out to the kitchen, the bedroom, and the yard. I can’t do it all. But getting rid of clutter is a great place to start, especially for writers who aren’t pulling in $52K a year yet. I just pulled that number out of the pile of bills marked Urgent. Ha! It’s past due. Might as well throw it away. (Just kidding) Continue reading “Declutter Your World”

Ergonomics Part 1.5

Hold the phone! If that hurts, get a headset. But what I really mean is, look at this chair! The Backstrong C1 by All33, a design company that you can learn all about at the link above. Now I expected this thing to go for a couple thousand, but $800 and $700 depending on the materials you choose is the price. Dude! Continue reading “Ergonomics Part 1.5”

The Clouds Are Parting for RWA

Most writers are aware that Romance Writers of America tripped over their own diversity goals in December and got a serious rug burn. That burn showed the board the error of their ways and allowed them to straighten the goals a bit and crank back the actions they took against a perfectly wonderful author. Read all about it if you are not up to date. Continue reading “The Clouds Are Parting for RWA”