Leap Year Facts and Traditions

Every four years like clockwork, or maybe like calendar work, February sprouts a new day. Right there at the end of the month. Humans call this “leap year” and “leap day” because we envision leaping ahead by 24 hours. In truth, we have that much more time to find the money to pay our bills, that much more work hours to be paid for, and that much more time to be with those we love. Continue reading “Leap Year Facts and Traditions”

Modern Women Dress for Other Women

This is the 3rd and final, I hope, installment in the Women Dress for Other Women series. Modern is a flexible word because it means most of my life to me and it may mean the current century to others. So odd to think that I have been alive in two different centuries. In my teens, I thought I would be old and decrepit by the year 2000. After all, I would be in my 50s. Ah, youth. Continue reading “Modern Women Dress for Other Women”

Research Rabbit Hole

Why can it be so hard to write a Romance novel? Or any work of fiction, for that matter. Once you learn the basics of Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar, plotting, character creation, world building, and the three-act structure for scenes and chapters, everything else is a snap, right? Pick yourself up from the floor where you fell while laughing. I know. If only. Continue reading “Research Rabbit Hole”

Health Potpourri

The Universe seems to hate people who have weight problems. Whether your ancestors came from cold regions where keeping extra weight on meant you would live through the winter or from extremely hot regions where you walked and danced and hunted daily so fat never had a chance, here we all are in the modern world and those genes are about to kill us all. But cheer up! Here are some fun things to keep you healthier.

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Continue reading “Health Potpourri”


Plato wrote in The New Republic that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I agree on a small scale, such as you are in a public restroom and the stall doesn’t have a working latch. You get a big enough wad of paper or the cardboard from the seat liners and wedge that between the door and frame. Or the well-known dad’s solution to ripping the tapes off a diaper: Duct tape the thing on. Continue reading “Invention”

Who Invented Sex?

This simple question was thrown out in a joking manner by my husband. My silly answer was that amoebas probably thought about it and wished they had the equipment to do it. So I decided that would be a fun topic to cover in this blog. There’s a multi-part documentary called The History of Sex from 1999, but I want to look beyond humans. I doubt we primates invented the act, or are the only creatures who do it just for fun sometimes. Continue reading “Who Invented Sex?”