Hybrid Authors Are Not Paranormal

We get so used to reading romances where the characters are part wolf or part demon or all vampire. They could be considered hybrids. When we talk about a hybrid author, however, we are referring to a traditionally published author who decides to self publish, or self published author who is picked up by a traditional publishing house. Continue reading “Hybrid Authors Are Not Paranormal”


It is a Cop Out

Oh, don’t tell me you can’t write an entire book without using it. It just means you are too lazy to define something. I hate it. Not that I think I am perfect, I just see it all over the place and want to scream. Is it just me? Continue reading “It is a Cop Out”

Happy Authors are Happy

Last summer I so wanted to get a bunch of great people together, pitch an anthology idea to them, and get some great, sexy stories out there to be read by the public. My idea became a reality, and we had a total of ten great sexy stories ready for a winter release date. However, my fault lay in not realizing my editor and husband didn’t have the free time needed to edit that many stories. Winter fell apart, some of the authors thinking that putting out erotic stories was a bad idea and others just not having the time to put in so that they were truly proud of their product. Continue reading “Happy Authors are Happy”

The Con Game

I want to share with you the wonderful authors who made up the rest of the panel at ConDor about Self-Publishing: What Really Happens. I had a great time with the very interactive audience, and three very smart writers of a nice selection of books. And they are all self published.

Doug Welch I had met on my first day at the convention as he sat in on the panel with me and discussed “You got Monsters in my Romance.” He’s a man who writes romances, but of a paranormal bent. He took the path of self publishing so he could throw his books out and see what happened. He found out that people really like his writing, and his books are all top sellers. He also did not go with the Kindle Direct Koolaid, and has his titles available in many different places, as well as easily created in physical form. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4526587.Doug_Welch

The moderator of the panel turned out to be Dr. J. L. Doty, but he also goes by Jim. He writes some pretty heavy paranormal adventures in the SF and F category. He self-published all his books, and they are so good he didn’t need to do much marketing. The science fiction fans are pretty hungry for hard science stories and they love to share new finds with each other. A lot like Romance readers. Jim claims that science is a passion, but writing is an addiction. And while he does contemporary urban fantasy, he won’t write vampires. He was very obliging to me when I wanted to say something or ask the audience a question. http://www.jldoty.com/misc/aboutjld.html

Last and certainly not least, Kevin Gerard helped define self publishing for young adult fantasy authors. His amazing series, Diego’s Dragon, is the first YA story featuring a hispanic boy as the main character. Kevin stated he bugs Oprah and any celebrity of similar status who might be interested in spreading word about these great stories. http://www.conorandthecrossworlds.com/authorinfo.html

We talked about Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/, Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/partners, Facebook, Twitter, and a Mother-Daughter Book Review site. http://motherdaughterbookreviews.com/ Mailchimp also came up in the conversation. http://mailchimp.com/ The point is, there are so many tools out there for self published writers, you can get all the help you need to promote your work.

The first step is to write a good story. All of my fellow panelists have done this. After that, everything will fall into place. Don’t hesitate. You might be like Amanda Hocking, a self-published writer who sold millions of books, to the point where the traditional houses took note. She received a two-million dollar contract from St. Martin’s Press, and is still going strong. Her Tyrelle Trilogy is being optioned for movie rights. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Hocking

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.