May Word of the Month

Now is the month of Maying — You all know what Maying means, right? Oh, really? Well pull up a virtual chair and I’ll tell you. It’s one of my favorite words and favorite activities. Of course, yesterday, the first, was the real day to go a-maying, but one must make do. Continue reading “May Word of the Month”

April Word of the Month

I thought to use a common Regency word this month, like furbelow or Banbury tale. Then I happened upon the word “whack” and decided that was my word because it makes the old rhyme about giving a dog a bone make so much more sense. No, really! Continue reading “April Word of the Month”

February Word of the Month

I read the phrase Radical Acceptance and decided that I need to have more of that in my life. I accept that my life is a mess of clutter and that I can only clean it up a couple items at a time. I also have let my kindheartedness get me into a situation that is using up most of my time and preventing me from cleaning very much at all. These issues also impact my writing time. Continue reading “February Word of the Month”

October Word of the Month

Look at that pumpkin! Must be fall for some of us. My north hemisphere bias shows when I talk about the seasons, but the fact is, everywhere around me is busting out in orange things and spooky dolls that talk when you move past them and the occasional pumpkin spice ALL THE THINGS. What better time to look at the term Jack o’Lantern. Continue reading “October Word of the Month”