Something May Appear Here

I’m writing this the night before my RWA meeting. I have spent most of the day taking care of birds, doing business for my bird club, getting things written for my weight loss support group, taking the dog to be groomed, and shopping. I’m getting my Facebook pages up to date and scheduling posts for the future. I was going to write about tweeting what I read, but I am so tired I just want to put something up and not worry about it. I also have a bird blog to write. Continue reading “Something May Appear Here”

Why Do You Write?

In my younger days, when I was single, I wrote to have romance in my life. I read a lot of romance, too, especially Regency romance where an arranged marriage might happen, and shifters where a life mate might not be the one you were looking at, but it’s the one you had to have. Fate was an important part of my idea of love. Continue reading “Why Do You Write?”

I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup

Yes, I stole that line from Zoolander, modified it, and I don’t care who knows it. For years, every end of winter in to spring, I would get a cold that would become bronchitis. I missed a whole month of work one year. I never went into pneumonia, luckily, but I might as well have coughed up a lung. One time I went to urgent care and they decided I was so dehydrated, they put me on IV fluids. That’s the time the doctor told me to stop taking decongestants, to use saline spray once an hour while congested and twice a day when not. Continue reading “I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup”

Research Rabbit Hole

Why can it be so hard to write a Romance novel? Or any work of fiction, for that matter. Once you learn the basics of Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar, plotting, character creation, world building, and the three-act structure for scenes and chapters, everything else is a snap, right? Pick yourself up from the floor where you fell while laughing. I know. If only. Continue reading “Research Rabbit Hole”

Thanksgiving and the Purpose of National Novel Writing Month

Catherine Bybee spoke to my Romance Writers of America local chapter on the 17th of November. She is an amazing storyteller and if you get the chance to hear her, you should take advantage of it. While not the topic of her speech, she did say something that sparked my blog post for today. Continue reading “Thanksgiving and the Purpose of National Novel Writing Month”