Health at Your Fingertips

As a writer, I know I need to use my hands when I write. If I am typing, if I am writing by hand, possibly even when using a voice to text app to start. Therefore, health for your hands is vital. I have a growing issue with one finger that wants to fold and stay that way. I’ve had tendonitis for a few decades now, and usually keep it under control. Arthritis is new to me. Continue reading “Health at Your Fingertips”

Our Public Masks

I would guess that somewhere around 85% of writers are social introverts. I am an exception to the rule because I am an extrovert most of the time. I knew someone that I only spoke to on line while we were working on an anthology. I wanted to put author photos in the book, and she was against it. She also didn’t plan on doing any in-person book signings or conventions. Another, closer friend can’t even show up at our bi-weekly Zoom meetings because her own face and voice make her uncomfortable. She does come in and chat with us, which is better than nothing. Continue reading “Our Public Masks”

Thoughts About Being Fat

The first thing I want to do is encourage you, if you grew up fat like me, especially if you are a woman, to go buy Kristin Higgins’ book, Good Luck with That. This is the story of 3 young women who met at a summer camp for fatties and stayed in touch through the years. This book will make you cry, laugh, remember the pain of the past, and be glad you are past that now. If you are not, you should seriously get some counseling. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being Fat”

The Importance of Health

You can’t go out, you can’t meet up with other writers or your critique group. How do you stay sane and healthy? First of all, realize that not going out is keeping you healthy. That’s the whole reason for the social distancing. Now that you are safely inside and having groceries delivered and keeping your house and yourself clean, clean, clean, let’s look at the other parts of your life that need help. Continue reading “The Importance of Health”

Health with Help

Next month, I may join WW (Weight Watcher) with some friends. A friend asked if I wanted to try it with her on Tuesdays after our walk. At first, I was totally against it. I hate the whole weigh-in thing. Then another friend had a coupon. Sounding better. I mentioned it to my writing friends and they confessed to wanting to try it. We are all (minus one) dealing with our weight at various ages. Then my original suggester told me how much she has going on this month, so we are doing it in March. Continue reading “Health with Help”

Writer Health: Mental, Dental, and Supplemental

I have been trying to look back to the first onset of my depression which has led mostly to my emotional eating. I think it happened in the womb. While my mom was pregnant with me, her marriage was falling apart and her father whom she loved deeply passed away. I am pretty sure this all made a lovely hormonal cocktail for unborn me. Continue reading “Writer Health: Mental, Dental, and Supplemental”

My Disease

I’ve lost a lot of friends and loved ones over the last decade or so. Cancer has been the big villain in these losses. My mother-in-law, a bunch of coworkers, friends, and my darling dog, Tilda. After Tilda died of cancer of the spleen, which 1 in 3 dogs in the United States will have, I had the most difficulty recovering. Every ache or pain had me asking, is this my cancer? Even though cancer doesn’t run in my family I thought my time would be up soon.

Tilda looking at the light
The last picture I took of Tilda

Continue reading “My Disease”

Writers and Stress

Happy last Sunday in November! This coming week, you’ll either be somewhere alone wishing you had family and friends around to share Thanksgiving with or in the midst of those family members and friends wishing you had more time to yourself. You’re a writer, this is National Novel Writing Month, and you’ve reached the 30k words mark. Only 20k more to go with 6 days to finish, which means you’ll need 3,334 words each day. No problem! Continue reading “Writers and Stress”

Mod Bod

Mod is an abbreviation for either modular or modern. I grew up in the age of the Mod Squad but also modular housing and furniture. Lately, I’ve had dreams where I could pull out part of my body and shape it into anything I wanted. Firmer boobs, bigger butt, smaller waist, and get rid of the double chins. All of these options are available through modern surgery, but cost way more than just pulling and pushing flesh around. Continue reading “Mod Bod”

Water Angels

Swimming is the most amazing exercise ever invented. The appeal for writers is the ability to imagine all the stuff that could be going on. You could be merfolk, or a pirate who crossed the line with the captain, or a sabotage agent swimming quietly through the bay to plant explosives on the ships of the enemy. Or rescuing prisoners by leading them through the cold arctic waters. Continue reading “Water Angels”