Writers Need Cups with Messages

Now, more than ever before, I need my coffee to start my day. Living in a month of Sundays time, defining my days is much more important then ever. I label all my Facebook posts by the day of the week when they will appear. I need coffee so I can wake up enough and read the days on my posts. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Continue reading “Writers Need Cups with Messages”

Book Club Books

You didn’t realize that when I joined a book club, so did you, in an off-handed way. I can’t believe the books I am reading that I never would have picked up without the requirement to read these for the club. Oh, the places I’ve gone. Really. I suggest you find a local book club and join up and even if you can’t get to the meetings, read the books! We have one over-achiever in the club who reads all the books nominated! Continue reading “Book Club Books”

Mysterious Galaxy Part Two: Sir Terry Pratchett

Last time I wrote about the recent, still fresh in my mind, book signing by the funny man Christopher Moore. A week after the event, and I continue to be optimistic and happy due to that encounter. So it’s time to bring me down a notch. I’m going back a number of years here, so my memories may be less accurate. Continue reading “Mysterious Galaxy Part Two: Sir Terry Pratchett”

Render Unto Ceaser

Few people who haven’t studied the Regency era or British history understand that religion and political power were united most of the time. When a titled nobleman had a Parrish in his area of influence, then it became his right to bestow or “gift” that position or “living” to whomever he chose. Most often he did require the person to have had Holy Orders ordained. Continue reading “Render Unto Ceaser”

Stories I Can’t Write #1

Hanging out with writers as I do, I hear about stories that are going on in other writers’ heads. I’m used to that, but the ones that make me grit my teeth are the ones I hear from non-wirters who probably will not give me permission to use it. Sometimes I just don’t know enough of the details. Of course, I am a writer and I can make things up. Continue reading “Stories I Can’t Write #1”

Ears and Eyes: Important Equipment for Writers

I devote one post every month to health issues for writers, but I certainly hope you take time to be healthy every day. A quick tip on ways to not sit for too long: I’ll set a timer for 30 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Doesn’t matter the grammar or the sentence structure or worry about ‘will the reader get what I’m trying to say here.’ Then when the timer goes off, I’ll set another timer for 10 minutes and go wash dishes or pick up toys, or vacuum; anything that gets me away from the computer. But, once the 10 minutes are up, even if I’m right in the middle of X activity, I stop and go write for another half hour. – Bren K. from Scribophile. Continue reading “Ears and Eyes: Important Equipment for Writers”