Health with Help

Next month, I may join WW (Weight Watcher) with some friends. A friend asked if I wanted to try it with her on Tuesdays after our walk. At first, I was totally against it. I hate the whole weigh-in thing. Then another friend had a coupon. Sounding better. I mentioned it to my writing friends and they confessed to wanting to try it. We are all (minus one) dealing with our weight at various ages. Then my original suggester told me how much she has going on this month, so we are doing it in March. Continue reading “Health with Help”

Intimate Meetings

In the past, my local chapter of Romance Writers of America’s meetings were attended by enough members to fill six round tables, which is about 48 people. This last Saturday, I walked into the meeting room and could not believe there were only three tables. As ripples spread out from the major implosion of the national organization, people have made up their minds to shed all connections to RWA. Continue reading “Intimate Meetings”

Putting NaNoWriMo Behind Me

I love National Novel Writing Month. If not for that organization, I would not have found my writing group which is also my critique group. And my lunch group. And my gift exchange group. We have turned into a family of sorts because we understand each other and the need to create. And the need to be supported and have encouragement when we plunge into self-doubt. Continue reading “Putting NaNoWriMo Behind Me”


There are times when one steps outside one’s door, expecting to go down the street to the park. But something distracts you turn right and end up at the fire station. Such is the path of this blog post. I wanted to get more input on Romance Writers of America’s new Mentoring program. But searching for Mentoring brought me to a blog called All the Kissing. The particular post I landed on was written almost two years ago. But it is so perfect for this topic. I might as well stop typing and let you go read that! Continue reading “Mentoring”

So You Want to Be a Writer

If you look around on Pinterest, you will find authors’ quotes for every occasion. My only complaint about the quotes is that they often treat every writer as the same, and state that what worked for them will no doubt work for you. If not, you’re doing it wrong. Let’s take a look at some of these great quotes. Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Writer”

Right on Schedule!

Hello, friends! I know what you really, really want. You want to be a Rich, Famous Writer! You want to travel all expenses paid to speaking gigs and conferences to talk about writing. Maybe even write a book about writing with a catchy name like On Writing. And you want to be able to buy ridiculous things because you are so rich, you don’t know what to do with all the money! Want to know how to accomplish that? Of course you do! Now, pay attention. Continue reading “Right on Schedule!”