Learning from Mistakes

In a perfect world, one would be able to read about mistakes others have made and not have to make them personally. Or one would see someone make a mistake and never go down that road one’s self. Here, in reality, such as it is, we do all make mistakes. Continue reading “Learning from Mistakes”


Two-drawer File Brain

Writers can be driven insane by all the story ideas that pop up when they are working on something completely else. While I struggle to bend my contemporary romantic thriller into line, my brain kept pulling up details of a rough sketch for the sequel. I took notes, I found stuff on Pinterest, I talked about it on my Facebook pages and tried to get back to the main story. Continue reading “Two-drawer File Brain”

Word of the Month

Welcome to August. I am starting a new recurring theme for the the first Thursday every month. I will prattle on about a word, then try to use it in every other post for the month. Does that sound plausible?

adjective PLAW-zuh-bul


1 : seemingly fair, reasonable, or valuable but often not so

2 : superficially pleasing or persuasive

3 : appearing worthy of belief Continue reading “Word of the Month”