Tough Times

Through my local chapter of Romance Writers of America, I had the opportunity to listen to Georgie Lee, an author of many books and in general a wonderful person. Her topic was If Life Sucks But You Still Have a Deadline. I am not going to recreate her talk here because I hope all of you will look for opportunities to listen to Georgie yourself. It’s worth the time and effort to find her and listen. (Although her web page hasn’t updated her workshop schedule since 2018, a note to her will probably give you current information)

062120 georgie

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Keeping the Writer’s World Real

Are you writing contemporary Romance novels? If so, you may be tempted to put in the COVID-10 Pandemic. Or the racial issues and the riots and looting. You may be tempted to mention the unemployment and the crashing economy. Unless these issues are very important to your plot, and can be integrated into a character’s make-up,please, don’t. You want your story to be timeless, not weighed down with current events. Continue reading “Keeping the Writer’s World Real”

Killing Off Your Darlings

This advice comes from a very famous writer. Actually, it has been attributed to almost a dozen V.F.A.s but in actuality the first usage was from Arthur Quiller – Couch in a compilation of his Cambridge Lectures. What it boils down to is if you are too pleased by a turn of phrase in your writing, you are better off without it. Honestly. Continue reading “Killing Off Your Darlings”

Clutter Butt

I’m not ready to show off my desk yet. This is a big job that is taking a lot time and energy just to think about. I have been keeping the kitchen clean, doing yard work out front, and going through boxes and piles of paper in the meantime. I requested another trash bin from the local disposal company. Throwing out way more than usual these days. Continue reading “Clutter Butt”

This Could Happen to Anyone

I have finished the rough draft of my much worked on novel, Crazy for Trying. Now it will be set up for critiques and then edited to within an inch of its life. I will finish my long delayed last book in the Regency Banquet series, Dessert: Pure Elation. It, too, will get sent out for critiques and then edited. Then eventually I will have Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) and I will need to find willing beta readers. One group who likes Romantic Suspense, and one that likes very hot Regency romances. Continue reading “This Could Happen to Anyone”

Keep on Decluttering and Uncluttering

Monday — The first photo of my “desk” is before any uncluttering started. I am using this blog today for accountability. As each section is cleaned, I will post a picture until I move on to the floor, walls, and ceiling. I’ve finished the 7th First Draft of Crazy for Trying and have moved on to finish my Regency Trilogy at last. Meanwhile, I am stuck at home with no groups to go to and so it should not be difficult to clean all the things. Continue reading “Keep on Decluttering and Uncluttering”

Writers Need Books to Read

Many well known and well-paid authors tell beginner writers to read whenever you can’t write. The reason is, reading will expose you to more ideas, more styles of writing, and a lot of great fiction. Even non-fiction can be useful and if it fits into the research you need to do for your novel, that’s a win-win. Continue reading “Writers Need Books to Read”

Writers Need Ergonomics

Note: The tumult with Romance Writers of America has bumbled on with no real resolution. A whole page and a half of publishers have stated that they cannot risk publishing authors who are connected to RWA at this time. My own chapter has sent a letter to the Board outlining what they need to see before they can continue to be part of the organization. Everyone seems to agree that the President of the board needs to step down or be removed. I’m not sending in my dues until I see this happen. I didn’t want to spend the whole blog talking about it, but some people don’t get the updates. Now you know. Continue reading “Writers Need Ergonomics”

Writers Need Laptops!

When you finish your manuscript and it’s been looked over by all the appropriate people and edited, you need to start sending it out. And of course to get to this point you probably used your desktop computer. A 21.5-inch monitor so you can see everything clearly. An awesome keyboard that lets you type ergonomically. A stand/sit desk for flexibility. And a CP that has all this stuff. The tower even says Aspire on it. Continue reading “Writers Need Laptops!”