Porn Rock Star

The joy of writing about sex occurred to me many years ago when I started writing fan fiction. I didn’t get into Slash Fiction, but I wrote some pretty steamy scenes with my characters and the characters from the various TV shows. Believe it or not, I started with a show about World War II and I was so innocent that just showing the characters in bed seemed overtly sexual. Note to younger self: You ain’t written nothing yet! Continue reading “Porn Rock Star”


Error. Redo From Start.

My plan for this blog had been to report on the Workshop — Writing From Prompts — I was going to teach at ConDor Con on Friday, January 19th. Then in two Sundays, I would share the Just-What-I-Needed talk from Lee Silber at the local chapter of Romance Writers of America on Saturday, January 20th. I was looking forward to sitting in panels at the con before my workshop, then being simply enthralled the next day at the RWA meeting. Not to mention, the fun of interacting with writers who wanted to learn something. Continue reading “Error. Redo From Start.”

There Goes Another One

Story ideas stampede through my mind at an alarming rate. During the day, I hardly notice because they run by as I am doing things with my brain like shopping or reading. Come the night and I am at the mercy of an overactive imagination. As I recover from a cold, taking prescribed decongestants, I lay in bed for what seems a long time before the real dreams begin. And if I wake up in the night, as I almost always do, I wrestle my brain back to sleep. Continue reading “There Goes Another One”

Hollywood Calling! Part 2

Continuing the amazing information shared by Maggie Marr at my local RWA Chapter September meeting.

If your book was actually purchased and scheduled for production, what’s one of the first questions you might ask? “Can I write the script? Co-write? Approve it?” That depends. Do you have experience writing screenplays? Have you sold one you wrote? How badly do you want to write this script? Is this a deal-breaker for you? Let’s face it, even if the movie is terrible, it will still get your name and the title of your book out there. Give it some thought. Continue reading “Hollywood Calling! Part 2”

Two-drawer File Brain

Writers can be driven insane by all the story ideas that pop up when they are working on something completely else. While I struggle to bend my contemporary romantic thriller into line, my brain kept pulling up details of a rough sketch for the sequel. I took notes, I found stuff on Pinterest, I talked about it on my Facebook pages and tried to get back to the main story. Continue reading “Two-drawer File Brain”