September Word of the Month

Words, words, words! Put them in order and you can work miracles. Leave them laying about and you can cause lots of problems. It’s all a matter of organization. Planning and preparing. Perspective and knowledge. Finding the right nouns, verbs, and a sprinkling of adjectives because, dude, those are weak words. You want a strong sentence, especially at the beginning of your story. Make exactly the right choice. Choice! There’s a word with a few meanings! Continue reading “September Word of the Month”


The Writing Environment

Where one writes can impact how the words come out. If the flow is stunted or a gusher and if you are happy with the end results. There are two places where I write, normally. One is my desk in the office. During the day, that area is mostly quiet but the parrots that live in there can get demanding of input and scratches and lots of their favorite foods. The dog wants to go out, see if there are any cats to chase out there, then come back in to sit for a few minutes. This cycle repeats over and over. Continue reading “The Writing Environment”

June Word of the Month

Summer is looming and my body is not at all ready to go to the beach. I’d have to wear the Not a Whale sign again. Totally too warm for that. If I was a whale, everyone would want me for my blubber. My oil would light up the world. But I wouldn’t have hands so I couldn’t type this blog. Being overweight most of my life means that I have struggled for control in many things. Let’s take a look at that word, shall we? Continue reading “June Word of the Month”

Something May Appear Here

I’m writing this the night before my RWA meeting. I have spent most of the day taking care of birds, doing business for my bird club, getting things written for my weight loss support group, taking the dog to be groomed, and shopping. I’m getting my Facebook pages up to date and scheduling posts for the future. I was going to write about tweeting what I read, but I am so tired I just want to put something up and not worry about it. I also have a bird blog to write. Continue reading “Something May Appear Here”

I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup

Yes, I stole that line from Zoolander, modified it, and I don’t care who knows it. For years, every end of winter in to spring, I would get a cold that would become bronchitis. I missed a whole month of work one year. I never went into pneumonia, luckily, but I might as well have coughed up a lung. One time I went to urgent care and they decided I was so dehydrated, they put me on IV fluids. That’s the time the doctor told me to stop taking decongestants, to use saline spray once an hour while congested and twice a day when not. Continue reading “I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup”

Research Rabbit Hole

Why can it be so hard to write a Romance novel? Or any work of fiction, for that matter. Once you learn the basics of Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar, plotting, character creation, world building, and the three-act structure for scenes and chapters, everything else is a snap, right? Pick yourself up from the floor where you fell while laughing. I know. If only. Continue reading “Research Rabbit Hole”