Hollywood Calling! Part 2

Continuing the amazing information shared by Maggie Marr at my local RWA Chapter September meeting.

If your book was actually purchased and scheduled for production, what’s one of the first questions you might ask? “Can I write the script? Co-write? Approve it?” That depends. Do you have experience writing screenplays? Have you sold one you wrote? How badly do you want to write this script? Is this a deal-breaker for you? Let’s face it, even if the movie is terrible, it will still get your name and the title of your book out there. Give it some thought. Continue reading “Hollywood Calling! Part 2”


Two-drawer File Brain

Writers can be driven insane by all the story ideas that pop up when they are working on something completely else. While I struggle to bend my contemporary romantic thriller into line, my brain kept pulling up details of a rough sketch for the sequel. I took notes, I found stuff on Pinterest, I talked about it on my Facebook pages and tried to get back to the main story. Continue reading “Two-drawer File Brain”