Interview With Julia Ward

Writers who are on the cusp of being famous are always fun to read. I am lucky to have several such people in my circle of friends and one of the most interesting people is Julia Ward. She brings a great range of experience and hobbies to her work. It is my pleasure to share her with you.

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Drink a Glass of Water

Somewhere I read that a man had dropped a good portion of weight by making one change in his routine. He drank a glass of water before every meal, and before he went to bed. He obviously had a super size bladder and could sleep through the night without peeing a dozen times. But putting that issue aside, how could this have been possible? Even the guy himself couldn’t tell us why.

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Notes on Google Searches

Some weeks ago, a Morning Briefing newsletter I subscribe to from the New York Times included a link to a document from Caity Weaver, one of their Style reporters. Ms. Weaver listed “Almost Everything I looked up on Google or Wikipedia from July 6th to July 10th, 2020, mostly annotated.” I thought how cool! And saved the link. And thought, I could do that. OF course, not sure my list will be as interesting as a NYT journalist’s, but no one is subscribing to my blog, either.

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Some Progress Was Made

When last we talked about the disaster that is my writing desk and the joy of decluttering, I had a long way to go to even see the top of the table. Since then, I have organized 3 out of 5 shelves in my pantry, sorted my socks drawer, and paid to have someone pull weeds in my front yard. I’ve come to grips with cleaning my toilets every week and doing my laundry regularly. I have not been a slacker. Continue reading “Some Progress Was Made”

Ergo Wrap-up

Oh, doesn’t that sound like a warm, lavender-scented blanket that you crawl into after typing all day? Relaxes all your aches and pains and stiff joints. For a limited time, you can get the Ergo Wrap-up in any color or pattern you wish, because they totally don’t exist and you have to make them up in your head. But you’re a writer so it’s easy. Well, back to our topic. Continue reading “Ergo Wrap-up”

Ergonomics Part 1.5

Hold the phone! If that hurts, get a headset. But what I really mean is, look at this chair! The Backstrong C1 by All33, a design company that you can learn all about at the link above. Now I expected this thing to go for a couple thousand, but $800 and $700 depending on the materials you choose is the price. Dude! Continue reading “Ergonomics Part 1.5”

Writers Need Ergonomics

Note: The tumult with Romance Writers of America has bumbled on with no real resolution. A whole page and a half of publishers have stated that they cannot risk publishing authors who are connected to RWA at this time. My own chapter has sent a letter to the Board outlining what they need to see before they can continue to be part of the organization. Everyone seems to agree that the President of the board needs to step down or be removed. I’m not sending in my dues until I see this happen. I didn’t want to spend the whole blog talking about it, but some people don’t get the updates. Now you know. Continue reading “Writers Need Ergonomics”

Writers and Stress

Happy last Sunday in November! This coming week, you’ll either be somewhere alone wishing you had family and friends around to share Thanksgiving with or in the midst of those family members and friends wishing you had more time to yourself. You’re a writer, this is National Novel Writing Month, and you’ve reached the 30k words mark. Only 20k more to go with 6 days to finish, which means you’ll need 3,334 words each day. No problem! Continue reading “Writers and Stress”

Who am I, Really?

National Novel Writing Month is moving apace, and you are getting repeats! Enjoy! — DLH

Writers dislike several things. Most of us struggle to write a synopsis. We don’t particularly like query letters. We have to push to get a character sketch done properly. And we wish someone else would take our first drafts and make them perfect. Continue reading “Who am I, Really?”