RWA Update, Kind Of

In spite of the resignations from the governing board and a new interim president appointed, Romance Writers of America continues to experience a flood of resignations. More local chapters are getting to the point where they have too few members to create a board and conduct business. The board and volunteers of the New York City Chapter submitted resignations effective March 2020. Las Vegas chapter dissolved early in the controversy. Continue reading “RWA Update, Kind Of”

Strong Beginnings with HelenKay Dimon

I wish I was a close friend of HelenKay Dimon. I love her writing, I love listening to her speak, but her sense of humor is delightful. I can’t get enough. And she’s a published author who enjoys helping new authors. I want to be her when I grow up. Continue reading “Strong Beginnings with HelenKay Dimon”

Jack Davidson At RWA-SD, Part 1

I’m so embarrassed. In the first few paragraphs of my work in progress, Crazy for Trying, I have a police officer doing something totally not done ever, and especially not in front of civilians. One officer tells another to go to the door and be ready to draw her weapon. Yikes! First of all, that’s something the other officer should already know to do. Second, the first office wouldn’t say that because there are people in the room and it implies he doesn’t trust the officer to know what to do. I am so grateful to my critique group for pointing that out. Continue reading “Jack Davidson At RWA-SD, Part 1”

More from Jeff Lyons

Have you ever been at a restaurant with a huge menu, and think that there are too many good choices. All your favorites are available but you only have room for one dish. If the waiter came over and said, “Just look at page 3,” your options would be reduced and improved because of those items on the page, only one or two would appeal to you. Continue reading “More from Jeff Lyons”

Pardon Me, Your Brain Appears to be Storming

Step into the Way Back machine for a moment, if you please. There are some steps I would like to show you to explain how I got to my current writing location. First, National Novel Writing Month happened in November of 2016. I had participated in NaNoWriMo before, but this was the first time I finished my project. I got the t-shirt. Continue reading “Pardon Me, Your Brain Appears to be Storming”

Conference Calls

Writers usually benefit from being alone with their typewriter, computer, tablet, or pad and pen. But now and again, we like to gather in huge groups of several hundreds or thousands and do writerly stuff. We sit through workshops, we listen to published superstars talk about how they did it, and we eat while watching awards being handed out. Sometimes we find time to write. Continue reading “Conference Calls”