Writing Basics 101

Today, I’m going to go over some basic writing things you should know before you ask anyone to look at your work. This is really ground floor stuff, so if you are in the Advance Class or College Prep, go read Mika Jolie’s Blog instead. Sign up for her newsletter to get a free book! Continue reading “Writing Basics 101”


Free Books! (Or How to Fill Up Your Inbox)

Most writers, like me, read a huge number of books each year. Smart writers read across genres and both short stories, novellas, series, and whatever comes to hand. With that idea in mind, I want to caution you about a possible slip we all will be tempted to make. Continue reading “Free Books! (Or How to Fill Up Your Inbox)”

How I Arrived at Sparkyville

I currently post a humor blog called Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. Or WTF Sparkyville. I started this blog to fill a gaping hole in my universe. And while it might not have a huge following or make any money for me, I don’t plan to stop doing it any time soon. There’s a bit of history connected with the blog that keeps me in touch with an online family. Let me tell you all about it. Continue reading “How I Arrived at Sparkyville”

Get Paid to Write! No, Really!

Chris Marie Green came to speak last month at my local Romance Writers of America chapter. I wrote about her morning talk and the use of music for inspiration. Her afternoon talk delivered some practical advice to stay funded while writing. She called it “A Brave New World; Options for the Freelance Writer.”

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Continue reading “Get Paid to Write! No, Really!”