Jack Davidson At RWA-SD, Part 1

I’m so embarrassed. In the first few paragraphs of my work in progress, Crazy for Trying, I have a police officer doing something totally not done ever, and especially not in front of civilians. One officer tells another to go to the door and be ready to draw her weapon. Yikes! First of all, that’s something the other officer should already know to do. Second, the first office wouldn’t say that because there are people in the room and it implies he doesn’t trust the officer to know what to do. I am so grateful to my critique group for pointing that out. Continue reading “Jack Davidson At RWA-SD, Part 1”


Live Critique Group

More than twenty years ago, I first joined RWA-SD as a wanna-be writer of Romance. I was working on my first Regency romance (don’t ask, it sucked) and didn’t know anyone. Roughly 6 months later, I had made friends with 3 other new writers who lived in my area, or close enough and had volunteered to man the sales table of used books. The 3 writers and I started a critique group and may or may not have helped each other. I’ve lost contact with all but one of them and she is doing wonderfully, even if she’s not writing any longer. Continue reading “Live Critique Group”

I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup

Yes, I stole that line from Zoolander, modified it, and I don’t care who knows it. For years, every end of winter in to spring, I would get a cold that would become bronchitis. I missed a whole month of work one year. I never went into pneumonia, luckily, but I might as well have coughed up a lung. One time I went to urgent care and they decided I was so dehydrated, they put me on IV fluids. That’s the time the doctor told me to stop taking decongestants, to use saline spray once an hour while congested and twice a day when not. Continue reading “I’ve Got the Black Lung, Pup”

Writing versus Cleaning

When one is a writer, one must weigh the priorities of various daily tasks against the need to create worlds and put words on paper. How badly does the refrigerator need to be cleaned out? Have any of the leftovers actually spoken? It will keep. Also, the toilet can go another week as long as the health department hasn’t been called. Honestly, if the chain breakfast place down the street gets by, you’re fine. Continue reading “Writing versus Cleaning”

Tweet What You Read!

Once again, I am making my conscious feel better by blogging about the books I read and that, in turn, goes out to Twitter feeds all over the planet. I also include movies because, dudes and dudettes, we are living in a visual world. Do you see what I did there? My excuse for this blog is that I have been sick for 3 weeks and my head isn’t sure where it’s attached right now. If at all. The antibiotics, they do nothing! Continue reading “Tweet What You Read!”