Interview with Ava S. Quill

As I may have said before, I love the fact that I can give a little help to authors who, like me, are working to make it in the world of Romance writing and publishing. For Ava S. Quill, I could never do too much. She’s a very giving individual who helps keep the Scribophile group, Writers Who Love Romance, up and running. All while going through two personal events without complaint. She’s a great human being and writes some amazing stories.

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Writers Need a Sense of Humor

When was the last time you laughed at something you read or heard? How about in your own writing? How about in your conversations with your family? I am blessed with a husband who works to make me laugh, and I feel like I score points if I can return that favor. Laughter has kept us together for 25 years, through many trials and tribulations, and I am so grateful for that. I know I’m something of a wimp when it comes to books and movies, because I prefer comedies over all else.

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Tweet What You Read for September

Okay, I admit I have been spending too much time watching movies. I blame it all on the pandemic. For September, I only read 3 books and nearly a 4th one. I looked at Operation Shield by Joel Shepherd but it didn’t grab me by page 34 of Chapter 1. So I moved on and found things that did interest me.

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Pestilence, Fire, Heat, Quarantine

The title comprises my reasons for not writing lately, in reverse order. If you don’t mind, I’m going to deal with each one and explore ways to work through them. I know some writers are getting things done. I check out my online writing group on and see that one writer or another has finished a chapter to post there or finished getting feed back and is ready to put the book up on Amazon. I’m slugging my way through posting the chapters of my Regency trilogy book Three and having little or no desire to get on with it.

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Clutter Wins

Due to daily temperatures in the 90s F and a certain unknown illness that is probably allergies, I am canceling my attempt to get my desk cleaned and then the rest of my house. It’s over. There’s only the one of me and a heck load of clutter showing up from everywhere. It’s unsettling. I turn my back for a minute and the mail stages a coup behind the monitor.

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Play Your Mental Cards Right

An important bit of information for writers to use is that people choose how they act and react to life and various situations. It’s important because you have to let your characters choose to be happy or depressed or sad or manic. Remember I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist and I don’t even play one on NetFlix. But I know from my personal experience that even writers have a choice on how we experience life.

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Try a New Genre

Romance exists in almost every story and novel out there. It may show up as love of country in spy and war novels. There’s love of mankind, brotherly love, and love of family, as well as love and attraction between two people. If you are working on a Romance right now, think about how it would look if you moved it into a different genre.

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Tweet What You Read for August

I managed to read a lot more this past month, but with the heat wave on and no relief in sight, I can’t sit in my reading chair any longer at midday. No pool, to air conditioning, fans only blow warm air around, this is the penance I pay for being beautiful instead of rich. Doing it differently next life.

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Notes on Google Searches

Some weeks ago, a Morning Briefing newsletter I subscribe to from the New York Times included a link to a document from Caity Weaver, one of their Style reporters. Ms. Weaver listed “Almost Everything I looked up on Google or Wikipedia from July 6th to July 10th, 2020, mostly annotated.” I thought how cool! And saved the link. And thought, I could do that. OF course, not sure my list will be as interesting as a NYT journalist’s, but no one is subscribing to my blog, either.

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