Why is Editing so Hard?

I’ve always known that editors got the big bucks (or should get) because the work is simply the opposite of fun. And put my own work in front of me and I am already tired of looking at it. I have a lot of great feedback from a critique group that is waiting to be reviewed and used. So I went over my first chapter with the first critique. Then again with the second critique. And the third and fourth. That was it, I couldn’t do it anymore. The edits sat for months as I made excuses and procrastinated the time away. Then I had an idea.

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My Medical Entourage

I have almost always had a general practitioner, an ophthalmologist, and a dentist. I trusted my GP to keep me healthy through medications and to advise me when I needed to make certain changes. I have been through EKGs and minor surgery to determine if I needed a heart stent (I didn’t). I have paid extra to have my retina photographed and been persuaded to pay for a partial denture instead of implants. Those were the easy days.

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Tweet What You Read for July

Mankind is paying for our sins of fossil fuel dependency and lack of concern for the planet with heat waves that are making life difficult. I sit down to read in the afternoon and fall asleep in seconds. At night, its too hot to sleep so my naps are what keep me sane. But that means I don’t get to read very much.

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Writers Need Emotions

Think about it. You can’t write about a dill pickle if you have never eaten one. You also can’t crave chocolate brownies if you have denied yourself that treat from the beginning of time. So it stands to reason that if you have never loved anyone, you may have trouble writing about what a person feels. And it’s deeper than the feelings of longing, desire, tenderness, warmth, and attachment.

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Am I Ready To Unmask in Public?

I’m thrilled that as a nation, the United States is preparing to return to normal, or normal adjacent. If you have been vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask in the grocery store, at the dog park, or at the school sports games. You can confidently get your hair cut and your nails done. Life has become less concerned about that small square of fabric that you formerly needed if you wanted to be accepted everywhere.

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Healthy Eyes for Writers

Before I retired, I helped the work staff in my office by evaluating their work stations for ergonomic correctness. One of the first things I looked at was how close they were from the computer monitor, the glare from windows or lights, and the height of the screen. The screen should be no more than an arms’ length away from their face. The height should be adjusted so that they are looking at the top inch or so of the screen. And of course, no glare or reflection issues should exist.

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