Emily Foster aka Emily Nagoski, Part Two

Where was I? Oh, right, books and sex and the right way to do things. I have finished her first book, How Not to Fall, since the last post and I gained insight into her terms. I think. She is a very scholarly person and touches on a lot of social norms. Go read it, it’s great and I look forward to the next opening in my reading schedule so I can read the second one. Continue reading “Emily Foster aka Emily Nagoski, Part Two”


Life Changes

This time last week, I worried about getting a short story finished and submitted, cleaning the house for a party, and doing better by my birds. Then, Friday night, I started seeing a flash of light in my left eye when I blinked. I expected it to go away, but so far it’s still with me. I posted about it on my personal page on Facebook and got reactions from panic (Retina Damage!) to calm and wise (Don’t worry too much but do get it checked out). Continue reading “Life Changes”

The Best Plans

031118 what time it is

I planned to finish my notes from Emily Foster Nagoski’s talk that I started on last Sunday. I planned to finish a short story that is due last week. Er, was due. I planned to have a nice party at my house the Saturday of Daylight Saving Time.

031118 ask about culture

Only one of these three plans happened. I had a party. And then I woke up and someone had stolen my hour. So now I am busily finishing the short story and busily hoping I can get the notes on Emily finished before midnight.

031118 clock in car

Sorry for the delay. Hope your Sunday is going according to plan. Watch this space for an update today. OR tomorrow. What time is it?

Conference Calls

Writers usually benefit from being alone with their typewriter, computer, tablet, or pad and pen. But now and again, we like to gather in huge groups of several hundreds or thousands and do writerly stuff. We sit through workshops, we listen to published superstars talk about how they did it, and we eat while watching awards being handed out. Sometimes we find time to write. Continue reading “Conference Calls”

Emily Foster and Emily Nagoski, Part One

Life turns out to be full of coincidences. I used to go to ComicCon San Diego regularly. I went there before going there was cool. And in the wonderful days before huge movie studios and comic book producers started hanging out there. My husband and I knew the winds of change were upon us when the price of a ticket for all weekend went up tremendously and one could not buy next year’s tickets at this year’s convention. The chances of getting tickets through a phone call on the day they go on sale are slim to Hahaha nice try. Continue reading “Emily Foster and Emily Nagoski, Part One”

Healthy, Wealthy, Wise

Sleep is tied to so much about our health and well being that you could actually lose weight by getting another hour or two shut-eye each night. The old Ben Franklin quote, Early to Bed, Early to Rise is not far off, but no electric lights or cell phones existed when he said that so there wasn’t much else to do. And if you were unmarried, chances were there really wasn’t anything else to do. Continue reading “Healthy, Wealthy, Wise”