Body Dysmorphia

Recently while chatting with my writer friends we talked about the dogs some of us live with and how the smaller they are, the bigger they think they are. My maltipoo, Astrid, growls at and challenges all dogs she sees, either on the leash or out the car window. In rare instances, she will get closer to a really big dog who postures in a less than friendly way, and instantly realize she has made a mistake. Usually, however, she never gets the chance to be that close to other dogs.

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Diversity is Important

The Romance Writers of America organization is so deeply entrenched in their culture that they make the same mistake over and over. While this is not a new problem, it is only now becoming clear to the public what is going on. Although writers of color and different lifestyles are aware of the issue for many decades, the average reader didn’t really get it. Then Courtney Milan was attacked for pointing out another writer’s word choices as being racist. And the world blew apart.

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Writers Need to Journal

Yes, it’s true. Not only must writers fine time to write the book, smooze with fans on social media, write blurbs and advertising, create a street team, and eventually hold book signings, we need to journal. Journaling can give us a space to come up with story ideas, help for a character or plot problem, and make all the statements you want. Nothing has to be true.

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What is a Blurb and How Do I Write One?

Everyone always wants to know, What have the Romans ever done for us? Not only roads, the aqueduct, sanitation, wine, money, and our calendar, but also advertising and marketing. The fact that most authors and almost all indy authors have to do their own marketing and advertising means that we owe a lot to those Ferengi-like merchants in the Agoura. Those clever folks used billboards and signs, and self promotion was the sport of the day, outside the Colosseum.

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Browser History

I love collecting humor about writers and I have seen a lot of memes about a writer’s browser history. Myself, I have looked into how to embezzle billions of dollars from a large investment company, how to foil security systems, and how to follow a car on the freeway. All for a Romance novel. Imagine how back it could be for someone writing a paranormal or a vampire Romance. Or even a mob Romance.

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Health for Writers

My personal health is in a holding pattern while my doctors and other providers iron out who is responsible for what. So let’s take a look at overall health for people who use their brains at their computers almost all the time. Even when we are procrastinating. Not that I think you ever would clean your house top to bottom instead of writing that next chapter.

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The Difference Between Writers and Other People

This title came up in a quote that I recently posted on Scribophile. And it made me think. Am I different from other people? Are the other writers I know different? What makes us so different from normal-seeming people? Is there a big difference or is it simply the way our minds work? Let’s explore this idea, shall we?

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Tweet What You Read for September

I have spent so much time in doctors’ waiting rooms that you would think I had read a dozen books or more. Sadly, that is not the case. Because I am reading really long-assed books for some reason. But I have listened to one book on CDs and of course, still watching shows at lunch and dinner times.

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You Smell Good! Ladies’ Edition

Yes, I have a lot of scents to use now for my male characters, but what about the women? They can’t go without a little dab behind the ears. Are you ready for base notes, middle notes, and top notes? Are you ready for a lot of floral and a few things I have never heard of before? Like Marine Accord. Scents evocative of the ocean. Maybe without the rotting seaweed on the beach.

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Interview with Arya Matthews

The interlocking, ever changing threads of the interwebs brings about interesting connections. I am fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to volunteer for an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Arya Matthews’ delightful Romance, unREASONable. Not wanting to miss a chance to get a little more information on the author and her style of writing, I asked if I could interview her. She said yes! So here we go.

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