I know, this was last weekend in the United States, and a couple months ago in the United Kingdom, but just last Tuesday in Mexico. So I officially declare today, May 15, as Fictional Mother’s Day. Please let me know in the comments if you have a favorite fictional mom that I miss.

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Writers Need Affirmations

Authors face a lot of mental backlash about their own skills; sometimes it even comes from the writer themself. Imposter syndrome can cause us to wonder why we thought we could write something that other people wanted to read. Looking at how many copies of a book another author sold might make us question our own marketing ability, and even input from our friends and family can leave us with a lack of real support in our daily lives.

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Living with Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is one of the least understood afflictions of the human body. We need inflammation to tell our systems where it hurts and let it work on solving the issue, such as a small cut or a sprain. Redness and swelling usually occurs, but with treatment, like antibiotic creams, bandages, or ice and elevation, the condition goes away. That’s acute inflammation.

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More Favorite Romance Authors

As I am an aspiring Romance author, the women listed below set my feet on the path to write about love, romance, and happily ever afters. I am so grateful to whatever happened in their lives to start them writing. I do not want to live in an alternate universe where books like theirs were never written. That would be sad indeed.

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Tweet What You Read and Watched for April

Happy Spring to everyone, and joyous celebrations and remembrances for Passover, Easter, and Ramadan! The evenings are growing longer, with sunshine the regular condition, at least where I live. In fact we get almost too much sunshine, but that just makes it easier to find a good book and sit under a shady tree to read the afternoon away.

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Forgetful Authors

Recently while working on my Regency romance, I needed the first name of the father of my fictional family. I searched all my spread sheets, but couldn’t find him. Scrivener, which I use basically, has a place to list characters and details about them. So right then I started filling it in with all the characters in this story. A few paragraphs later, I found the name I had searched for. No worries, I added it to the Scrivener Characters sheet. I forgot the aunt’s last name, the uncle’s first name and title, the street where the Curtis family lives, and so very much more. Luckily, I read a helpful article recently on how setting can be a character, so I put that information on the Characters sheet.

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