What Can I Do to Be Healthier?

Note: This is not the blog I planned to post today. Life decided to waylay me in the hospital for a few days. And the news is not good. So I am reposting this blog about health and will make a post another time about what’s going on with my own health.

I know that I can eat smaller portions and exercise more. I know this, but actually doing it is so very hard. If my husband bakes a crust-less quiche and I have a quarter of the pie as a serving, that’s not wonderful calorie-wise, but it’s okay. When I then agree to have another quarter so we don’t have leftovers to deal with, that’s where my will power folds.

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When the Worlds Are Close Together

We’ve just snuck past Halloween and are, according to ancient calendars and beliefs, on our way to the dark of winter. We should have finished the harvest, stored all we need to make it through the months ahead, traded with friends and neighbors for the things we did not have, and settled in for a lot of cold evenings around the hearth, making music, telling tales, and keeping our hands busy with needles and fibers.

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I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

Dear wonderful, loyal readers of this blog,

I found out this week that I have too much going on. Usually, that’s not a problem as I can juggle things with rare talent, but if I am under the weather and moving at a slower speed, things fall by the wayside. That is exactly what happened with today’s blog: it hit the floor at about 9:15 last night.

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A Special Halloween Romance

I love my Bowman’s Inn universe, where Cupid is behind the bar as Valentine Archer, bartender and part owner. This anthology pulled in a lot of my writer friends who are very talented, but nothing lasts forever. In fact, bad feelings grew up around the work, so I pulled it all from Amazon. Being as it’s Halloween coming soon, I thought I would share one of the stories that takes place on that special day. Nate McGee is a police detective and also a wolf shifter. Charlene Brosh is a shy, quiet young woman who is falling hard for Nate, but based on her past, thinks it won’t work out. Anyway, here’s their story, The Nature of Love.

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Tweet What You Read and Watched for October

I’m not much for scary books or movies, so you need to look elsewhere for that genre, but I might indulge in The Birds or The Addams Family movies. Safe spooking is no accident: I won’t watch Poltergeist, The Haunting of Hill House, or any slasher serials. Possibly Army of Darkness, which is too out there to be really scary.

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Pumpkin Patch Fun

Fall weather, Autumn treats, pumpkins, and corn mazes; all can readily be found this time of year. In some places, people have to settle for a formerly vacant lot in the middle of a city block. Workers haul in pumpkins to sell, canopies, fences, and scare crows made of corn stalks. When you wander around one of those types of lots, you know as soon as the pumpkins are sold, Christmas trees will move in.

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Why Focus on Character Building?

We writers populate our stories with people we make up: we call them characters, sometimes Main Characters (MCs). We speak to the reader through these people and establish all the important details, like setting, motivations, relationships, goals, and plot. The Literary Terms web page has a rather complex definition of what a character is.

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