Tweet What You Read for November

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month and reading has not been a top priority. We even stopped watching movies every night so I could write more. It’s sort of working. Anyway, here are the books with a review and here are the movies with only occasional comments.

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How to Write More Words

NaNo has become something of a slog for me right now, so I thought I would stop long enough to share these insights with you. Actually, this isn’t the first time that NaNoWriMo was beyond my word production. So these ideas have been floating around for a long time.

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NaNoWriMo Hooks You

Hello, my name is D.L. Hungerford or Roxanna Haley, and I am a National Novel Writing Month Addict. (Pause while audience replies, “Hi, D.L. or Roxanna!”) My story is probably very similar to many of yours and I won’t take much of your time to go over it. I have participated in NaNo 8 times, with the last 5 years being the longest streak. I didn’t want to jump in this year. But I did.

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Holiday Reads 2020

Happy Holidays! Place your favorite song about whatever holiday you like here. A time for carols, treats, family, friends, and gift giving. Some consideration about the pandemic may crop up in some of these books but I would rather read about The Before Times ™ when we could see each other’s faces. So here are a few delightful-looking reads that I think will be fun and possibly hot enough to warm a winter evening.

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Fun Things

The COVID-19 Pandemic World Tour robbed many people of of the ability to go out and have fun. A lucky handful found ways to have fun at home and sharet it online. Thank you, lucky handful! Others are stuck without work, staring at their loved ones and Thinking Bad Thoughts ™. These are the people to whom I would most like to address my words today.

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What are Keywords?

When you start marketing your writing on any of the big social media places or the major online book sellers, you will be asked to use keywords. What are those pesky things? How do I figure out which ones to use for my book? Keywords are like a message you send to your readers and fans. They say, “Hi! Are you looking for a slow burn Romance? I’ve got a lovely May-December story with no cliff hangers and a guaranteed Happy Ever After. And it’s set in a bread bakery, and the hero rescues animals from shelters or bad situations. His friend works in Animal Control. This friend’s sister has a crush on the baker/rescuer. Come in, have some tea, and meet the characters that spark this tale.”

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