Perfect Back Story

Every fan of Romance novels knows that Happily Ever After is the perfect conclusion. And the more trouble the principles involved have to work through to get there, the better. Sexual tension is important, too. In our story, however, there’s not much sex of any kind yet. But there is an attraction and there is desire. The following back story needs to be woven in to the story going forward without heavy telling and without flashbacks. Continue reading “Perfect Back Story”

Why do We Tell Lies?

At some point in your life, you realize that the truth appears differently to different people. My memory used to above average and I can still recall the words to a song I learned in high school when I hear the opening notes. But did I learn that off of the radio or did I have the record? At least the truth there isn’t a matter of money or love or life or death. Continue reading “Why do We Tell Lies?”

Do Hobby Horses Come From Hobby Farms?

Perhaps you are not aware that a small farm that does not need to make a profit and that has only a few of some adorable animals is referred to as a hobby farm. In New Zealand, it’s call a lifestyle block. As more city dwellers long for the joys of a simple, country life, small farms are growing in popularity. Continue reading “Do Hobby Horses Come From Hobby Farms?”

En Media Res, or Your MC’s History

Have I mentioned lately that Lisa Cron is a wonderful gift to writers? I have a ton of notes I took from her talk at RWA-San Diego a couple months ago, and I could expand a blog post on almost every paragraph. But the one I am looking at today is her reminder that our characters do not step out “on stage” without memory, experiences, or misbeliefs. Somewhere in there is our plot, our story, and our conflict. Continue reading “En Media Res, or Your MC’s History”