Stay Uncluttered

Let’s assume, unlike me, that you have finished uncluttering your house and yard and garage. The next task is to keep it that way. If you are a hoarder, this will have been a monumental task and keeping it clean will also be huge. If you are a normal, busy person with too many activities going on, you may need to call on some outside help. But if you don’t have that kind of friends or family, then here are some tips to go it alone (Note: these tips will not work for hoarders. Get some professional help and get the dead animals out of the freezer). Continue reading “Stay Uncluttered”

RWA Update, Kind Of

In spite of the resignations from the governing board and a new interim president appointed, Romance Writers of America continues to experience a flood of resignations. More local chapters are getting to the point where they have too few members to create a board and conduct business. The board and volunteers of the New York City Chapter submitted resignations effective March 2020. Las Vegas chapter dissolved early in the controversy. Continue reading “RWA Update, Kind Of”

My Disease

I’ve lost a lot of friends and loved ones over the last decade or so. Cancer has been the big villain in these losses. My mother-in-law, a bunch of coworkers, friends, and my darling dog, Tilda. After Tilda died of cancer of the spleen, which 1 in 3 dogs in the United States will have, I had the most difficulty recovering. Every ache or pain had me asking, is this my cancer? Even though cancer doesn’t run in my family I thought my time would be up soon.

Tilda looking at the light
The last picture I took of Tilda

Continue reading “My Disease”

Writers Need Pens

Oh sure, you are pointing to your notebook/desktop/iPad/ Smartphone and laughing derisively at the title. But how did we get from pens to that Smartphone? And don’t you ever print out the manuscript for an in-person critique group? You have to have red pens and stuff to mark it up. Really, if your battery dies and you don’t have a charger and the electricity goes out, how would you finish the story? Continue reading “Writers Need Pens”

August Word of the Month

Looking at our political landscape, and I mean across the globe, we are a race divided. So few people are working to unite the various beliefs with some common threads. To bring the destitute up to the level of human decency. To remind voters that any choice is their own and will not be subject to ridicule. On a more personal level, Writers of Romance are facing a divide between literature writers and themselves. Publishers are looking down on self-published authors and self-pub authors are not seeing the need for expert editing to make their product perfect. Money is often the bottom line in these cases. My word for this month is divisive. Continue reading “August Word of the Month”