Happy Book Birthday!

During a workshop on Marketing for Self-Published Authors I learned about the concept of a Book Birthday. If you have some books sitting on Amazon not really selling any longer, you may create a whole new advertising campaign by celebrating the book’s publishing date as its birthday. Hold Facebook parties, gather a street team to get their friends to buy the book and post reviews. Reviews are key to getting books out there. Continue reading “Happy Book Birthday!”

Writers Need Calendars

We need calendars not only to remember what day of the week it is. COVID – 19 has destroyed that for many people, but that’s not the point for writers. The point is, if you want to be a real, grownup writer, you need a schedule. If you self publish, you still need to set a date when the book will be finished. You need to set the rest of the dates that a traditionally published author would have. And you need to follow up with some marketing stuff. Let me tell you, no body is going to do this for you. Continue reading “Writers Need Calendars”

Help with Self Editing

If I could edit myself, I would cut off at least a hundred pounds of fat and splice in more muscle. I’d remove the part of my brain addicted to sugar and replace that with an addiction of broccoli and carrots. However, that’s not the kind of Self Editing I’m talking about. I’m sharing more tiny hints about the subject that I have learned from several wonderful mentors, either in person or online. Continue reading “Help with Self Editing”

Part One of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018

Every year, my local chapter of Romance Writers of America has a potluck meeting and those who were able to attend can share what they learned with those of us who could not attend. I try to make notes about the important things but sometimes I get sidetracked. Like by Sara who is a twin and a mother of twins! Teenagers, even. And the anthology Fae Worlds, written by some of my friends in the chapter. And by the delicious food set out for the chapter. Mmmm. Continue reading “Part One of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018”