There are people in this world who can’t help but flaunt authority. I have supervised people who were habitually late, so we changed their starting time so that they could have an extra 10 minutes in the mornings. A week later, that person was coming in 10 minutes later than the new start time. It just happened. Continue reading “Unaccountability”



This month I am putting off the Word of the Month until Sunday. Because February 1st is a day that is etched in my heart. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. February 1st, 2017, is the day my best friend left this world. She left her children, her grandchild, her pets, her new love, her aged parents, her family spread all over, and her friends. Continue reading “Remembering”

Millstones to Milestones

Maintaining a healthy weight is in part a mind game. Sadly, my mind doesn’t want to play. All the self-talk in the world has yet to convince me that I don’t need to eat what I want when I want to. The best I have at the moment is left over from doing Medifast some years ago. My capacity to eat in one sitting has diminished. I take smaller portions at home and have left overs at restaurants. Continue reading “Millstones to Milestones”

Merry and Bright

Despite the title, this is not a cheerful holiday post. If you have been on this planet for a couple decades or more, you probably realize that creative people often have a demon called Depression in their make-up. We don’t wish for it, we don’t like it, and some days we can ignore it and go about our business. Other days, there’s nothing else in our brains. Continue reading “Merry and Bright”

Excess Weight Is Body Clutter

I’m very lucky to attend a weekly weight-loss support group where we talk about nutrition, road blocks to health, and one per month we have our own personal trainer come in and work with us. I feel that luck so deeply that I give back to the group by writing up the weekly notes. I’m a writer, it’s the best thing I can do for the group. Continue reading “Excess Weight Is Body Clutter”

Make One Change

Hope you had the best Holiday-of-Choice ever! I certainly did. I got some writing done, but mostly because our actual celebration was planned for Boxing Day. And I had a delicious but healthy dinner. Then topped it off with eggnog and whisky. I did have to walk the dog after watching Die Hard. My beloved husband got me one of those devices that tracks your steps, your sleep, your calories, and so on. Looking forward to a New Year of Accountability. Continue reading “Make One Change”