Play Your Mental Cards Right

An important bit of information for writers to use is that people choose how they act and react to life and various situations. It’s important because you have to let your characters choose to be happy or depressed or sad or manic. Remember I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist and I don’t even play one on NetFlix. But I know from my personal experience that even writers have a choice on how we experience life.

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Thoughts About Being Fat

The first thing I want to do is encourage you, if you grew up fat like me, especially if you are a woman, to go buy Kristin Higgins’ book, Good Luck with That. This is the story of 3 young women who met at a summer camp for fatties and stayed in touch through the years. This book will make you cry, laugh, remember the pain of the past, and be glad you are past that now. If you are not, you should seriously get some counseling. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being Fat”

Virtual Writing Groups

You may have heard me speaking about various online groups like Scribophile and the National Novel Writing Month various activities. I love the heck out of these because when the unexpected happened, I still had connections to my writing friends. I started sprinting for 30 minutes twice every day. I’m almost half way to my goal of 10K words for April. Lots of good things have come to me from these great connections. Continue reading “Virtual Writing Groups”

Writer Health: Mental, Dental, and Supplemental

I have been trying to look back to the first onset of my depression which has led mostly to my emotional eating. I think it happened in the womb. While my mom was pregnant with me, her marriage was falling apart and her father whom she loved deeply passed away. I am pretty sure this all made a lovely hormonal cocktail for unborn me. Continue reading “Writer Health: Mental, Dental, and Supplemental”

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

During the past several years that I have been attending the Weigh to Go weight loss support group, I have learned things that make a lot of sense. The certified nutritionist who leads the group stresses that we don’t need willpower, we need skillpower. If an individual doesn’t have the tools with which to create a new mindset and lifestyle, very little will change. Then I read about wantpower. Oh, that’s my top issue right there. Continue reading “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise”

Writing Therapy

I look at the pile of “would haves” and “should haves” that was my younger life and realize that I turned to writing as a way to ease the pain and the wrong turns I took. In a sense, my writing has been my therapy. It’s a much better therapy than talking to people who earn a living from that task. I find myself making stuff up when I didn’t want to talk about the things they wanted to ask me about. Which is why I can put the MSU after my name. Continue reading “Writing Therapy”


This month I am putting off the Word of the Month until Sunday. Because February 1st is a day that is etched in my heart. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. February 1st, 2017, is the day my best friend left this world. She left her children, her grandchild, her pets, her new love, her aged parents, her family spread all over, and her friends. Continue reading “Remembering”