May Quarantine Tweet What You Read and Watch

Whoa! Think how much yard work I could get done if I spent the time I do watching movies pulling weeds. Something about the quarantine creates a lethargy that prevents us from leaping to action, so I feel lucky that I have gotten as much done as I have. Here’s the list of books and movies, not audio books this time because I am not driving around much at all. Continue reading “May Quarantine Tweet What You Read and Watch”

Tweet What You Read for April

Ah, yes, having wished for all the time in the world to read my favorite books, I have luckily not just broken my glasses when the Stay Inside order hit. I happily geared up books I have wanted to read for ages and pretty much had at them. I tried to read John Dies at the End by David Wong, but it didn’t hook me before I won a copy of another book I wanted to read. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading “Tweet What You Read for April”

March Tweet What You Read

This whole staying home thing has some problems that I am working out. The first one is that my beloved husband is home and I need to make him aware of the times when I am writing so he doesn’t start reading things off the internet to me. Another is making sure I have enough birdseed to last a while. Luckily the pet stores are open for a short time every day. And certain birds are sure that since both humans are home, we will want to have them out with us. But the best thing is that, as soon as all the cages are cleaned, everyone has fresh food and water, and all my writing deadlines are met, there’s time to read. Continue reading “March Tweet What You Read”

Tweet What You Read, December Edition

I have jumped into the Holiday Romance reading session with both feet. Due to Holiday Festivities, I haven’t had a lot of time to read, but I have enjoyed the wonderful books that have come my way. The best way to show my appreciation for the hard work and skills of the writers is to tweet what I have read! Continue reading “Tweet What You Read, December Edition”

October Tweet What You Read

Leaves are turning red and gold, spooky stories are gaining popularity, and it’s nearly time to dress up as our true selves. October comes packed with fun and games, but also with cooler weather that might keep me inside and reading. In the last 30 days, I had sunny days and outside chores to take care of. So I present four books and no movies and nothing new in my AudioBooks selections. Continue reading “October Tweet What You Read”

September Tweet What You Read

Thanks to my favorite Regency Romance author and my favorite husband, I have read a lot of romance over the last few months. And thanks to my science fiction and fantasy book club, I read some things I would not have picked up otherwise. There has been a dearth of movies, however, so there’s that. And not that many books, all told. Let’s get to it. Continue reading “September Tweet What You Read”

August Tweet What You Read

The weather is so hot in my part of the world that I have to read indoors. Otherwise, the books catch fire! Ha! I crack me up. But seriously, I have had the doors closed and the fans on and maybe one light to keep things cool. The mornings are pretty good for getting yard work done but as soon as my shoulders start to blister, I head inside and write and read. Let’s get on to the cool stuff. Continue reading “August Tweet What You Read”