Introducing Ava S. Quill

You should know by now how much I love discovering new authors and people to follow. I’ve been fortunate to know Mika Jolie (The Scale), Anna Brooks (Not Your Hero), Brandy Ayers (The Arrangement), D. de Carvalho (Hot Pink Heels), Kishan Paul (The Second Wife), and Kathryn L. James (Crazy, Beautiful Lies) when they were working on their first publications. I have benefited so much from their struggles and their successes. Thank you, everyone. Continue reading “Introducing Ava S. Quill”

Declutter Your World

Does your writing work area look like the picture on the right or the left? I’m certainly on the right, and it goes on under the desk, in the hutch on the back of the desk, on to the floor, over the dog, out to the kitchen, the bedroom, and the yard. I can’t do it all. But getting rid of clutter is a great place to start, especially for writers who aren’t pulling in $52K a year yet. I just pulled that number out of the pile of bills marked Urgent. Ha! It’s past due. Might as well throw it away. (Just kidding) Continue reading “Declutter Your World”

Care, Feeding, and Training of Your Muse

I Googled the above title and found out I am not the only one who wants more control over my writing instinct and inspiration. I go to my critique group and get the best advice for the story in its current shape. I want to write! I want to use what they told me and manage at least 10k words. But by the time I go home, after stopping at one or two stores along the way, I have to put groceries away and take care of birds and clean the kitchen and get the laundry moved along. When at last I sit down at my desk I have to get up again and find where I put my laptop bag, unpack it and connect it to everything. By then my muse is sitting in a corner playing with dust bunnies. Bad Muse! No biscuit for you. Continue reading “Care, Feeding, and Training of Your Muse”

Something May Appear Here

I’m writing this the night before my RWA meeting. I have spent most of the day taking care of birds, doing business for my bird club, getting things written for my weight loss support group, taking the dog to be groomed, and shopping. I’m getting my Facebook pages up to date and scheduling posts for the future. I was going to write about tweeting what I read, but I am so tired I just want to put something up and not worry about it. I also have a bird blog to write. Continue reading “Something May Appear Here”


My husband and I call each other “Honey” whenever we want to catch the other’s attention. I have often addressed emails or cards to Honey from Honey. We’re also heavily into bees due to our happy glowy-box friends, some of whom we have actually met in person, from the You Suck at Craigslist blog, now on hiatus. May bees be upon you is a group blessing. Continue reading “Honeyville”

Signed: Princess Agatha Serefina “McSparklepants” Hightower

Names go so far to add dimensions to your characters. I have known writers to get to a certain point in the story and realize the name of a main character doesn’t suit that character. This is when they shout out for help from the Scribophile groups. And we make suggestions like the title of this blog post. Yeah, we’re good like that. Continue reading “Signed: Princess Agatha Serefina “McSparklepants” Hightower”