Death Scenes

Trigger Warning: This blog deals with some difficult issues such as murder and crimes scenes.

Through most of my writing adventures, I have thrown little stones and paper wads at my characters. I have wounded, smacked around, and almost killed them. I have sent rumors of their deaths to relatives. But as far as I can recall, which is never a sure thing, I have never killed anyone. Continue reading “Death Scenes”


California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6

The State of the Industry by HelenKay Simon and Shauna Summers

HelenKay ( is not only an author of many books but also serves on the board for RWA National. Shauna Summers is a publisher of many romance books. They delivered the information from the publisher’s side first, then the author’s side. Then they will take questions. Continue reading “California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6”

Ebooks or The Treasures of Modern Times

Ebooks captured my attention from the early days. The idea of carrying an entire library worth of books around with me was better than sliced bread and solved so many problems for me. Like what to do when I finished a book and hadn’t brought a second one. Or how to keep my wrists and hands from hurting while reading hardbacks or really thick books. A career of 24 years at a desk job that included lifting heavy case files had ruined my tendons.


Continue reading “Ebooks or The Treasures of Modern Times”

Nagging at Your Fingertips

*Note – I mislaid the information that this is the last Sunday of January, so I am posting the health blog today. I will finish with the Changing Eye Candy on Thursday.

A friend of mine who is doing really well in her weight loss struggle bought a Garmin Vivo Fit. She showed me how it tracks her steps, how many miles, steps needed to reach daily goal, and calories burned. It also tracks how well she sleeps, but you have to bring that data up on your phone or computer. What sold me on this particular device is that I can keep the information on my computer. Continue reading “Nagging at Your Fingertips”