This Newsletter May Already be a Winner!

As a writer, you may have heard that having a monthly newsletter is vital to your growth. As a Romance Writer, that goes double. Fans want to know what you are doing, what your next book is about, and when it will be out. Wow. Romance fans are a nosy bunch.

I have a newsletter, but I haven’t put out an issue for over a year. This article from The How to Write Shop she a lot of light on why I haven’t. I have not added to my list of people willing to hear from me for longer than a year. I am behind on getting the third book in my Regency Banquet series published. I am stuck in neutral as a writer so there’s not much to put out right now.

092718 hand-notes-holding-things

Self-published authors can’t afford to be idle like I’ve been. If I relied on my writing for my income, I would be in serious trouble. On the other hand, if I want to sell my books and become well-known enough so that fans are asking about my next release, I need to get my writer legs under me and start walking the walk.

On yet another hand, I am lucky to have lots of readers of this blog, and thereby hangs today’s special offer. Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you any of my published books for free. And I will include a picture of a pretty stupid looking 3D model of a horse that I painted up. This horse will explain why I write instead of drawing.

092718 writing control-writing-work-official-45905

As the article above explains, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc., are all options but leave your career in the hands of a communication entity that doesn’t really care about you or your career. This article explains that in addition to that, some people have made up their minds that Facebook is evil and will steal your soul. So a newsletter will reach those people when other options will not.

Someday, all this will be available!

What should a newsletter look like? Well, it depends on what you write. If you write futuristic romance, you need sharp other-worldly images to represent what you write. For the historical writer, a castle might work best. Unless you write Regency, and then flowers and fans are the ideal. Contemporary authors are lucky, in that so much of the free artwork available can be used. Look over these examples from MailerLite but caution, they want to sell something here.

060117 anthology cover

In conclusion, sign up for my newsletter, due out October 1st. Tell me which of my publications you want to receive. You will get that and the horse picture. And you will get the first of many wonderful Roxanna Haley/D.L. Hungerford newsletters to cherish forever. Are you ready? Click here!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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